Monet - The Essential Paintings

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This magnificent boxed-set features stunning, accordion-fold, color reproductions of Monet’s essential works, accompanied by a separate booklet with background and descriptions of each painting.

Fans of Impressionism will delight in seeing some of their favorite works presented in generously sized accordion fold pages, which bring Monet’s representations of nature to exquisite life. Arranged chronologically, this volume helps readers appreciate the achievements of a long and fruitful career. Natural beauty, color and light were the object of Monet’s incessant research, and he never lost sight of what was essential to him—the truth of his sensations. From the faithful transcription of the landscape in his early days to the gestural drawing of the final water lilies at Giverny, this book allows us to follow and understand the evolution of his creativity. The themes of Monet’s work (the seashore, the Seine, gardens, the seasons) are discussed, as well as the techniques he used, such as the decomposition of light and color through the brushstroke; the use of repetition and series to better reflect atmospheric variations; and the progressive dissolution of forms, which led to him being considered the precursor of abstraction. Packaged in an elegant slipcase, this volume reflects the beautiful artistry and timeless traditions that are embodied in the artworks themselves.