Human Conditions - Olaf Heine

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This gorgeous collection of meticulously composed duotone images of actors, musicians, and artists spans the German photographer’s entire 30-year career, and offers a rich sampling of his genius for staging, composition, and portraiture.

Whether he’s capturing Elvis Costello in a pensive moment, going one-on-one with Iggy Pop, gazing into the eyes of Don Cheadle, or visiting Julian Schnabel in his studio, Olaf Heine has a talent for making larger-than-life subjects appear sensitive, vulnerable, and approachable.


This career-spanning monograph features dozens of Heine’s signature portraits, impeccably staged and meticulously detailed. Printed in brilliant duotone on coated matte paper, each image is presented on its own page, allowing viewers the pleasure of lingering over the features that characterize a Heine photo: rich and varied tones, clean lines, subtle humor and pathos, and classically informed composition. Accompanying the images are texts from the artists or from Heine himself, affording a nuanced glimpse into the ongoing dialog between the gazer and the gazed-upon.


A sumptuous feast for the eyes from one of the world’s leading photographers, this book celebrates the artistic process and the inspirations behind it. 

Number of pages:208
Spine width:30mm