Antoni Gaudí. Create Your Own City! Sticker Book

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Filled with Gaudí’s whimsical designs, this sticker book lets kids flex their creative muscles in the style of one of the world’s favorite architects.

Antoni Gaudí is among history’s most recognized and beloved architects. His masterpiece, the still-uncompleted Sagrada Família basilica of Barcelona, is one of the most visited monuments in Spain. But this Catalonian architect is especially inspiring to children, who marvel at the nontraditional forms he employed in his buildings and designs. Using pages of colorful stickers to inspire learning and creativity, this entertaining book will encourage young readers to build their own Gaudí-like creations while teaching them much about the architect’s life and accomplishments.

Published by Prestel Junior
Mar 28, 2013 | 16 Pages | 10-2/3 x 8-2/3 | 6-9 years | ISBN 9783791371481