Eugen Gorean - „Cats are lions in a jungle of small brushes” watercolor on paper, 2022

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After completing his studies, Eugen delved even more into his watercolor practice, which involved personal and group exhibitions, contests, watercolor biennales and workshops. His art is a realistic representation of a temporal world in which the animal is an alter-ego of the human. Stylistically, his paintings combines elements of figurative expression, with its own inserts and accumulations of mystery. This series of paintings discusses the declining world in a post-pandemic period, utopian ideas and hidden satire on social conveniences rendered in traditional technical language. The images contain symbolism referencing philosophical, social and ecological subject matter. It is collaboration between the artist and the society of consumption. He feels that the artistic exchange between the animals, cityscapes and the artist opens up many opportunities to change the vision of the world.

 Eugen Gorean Watercolor Artist-Member of the International Watercolor Society Brand Ambassador Canson