The Mice of the Round Table 1: A Tail of Camelot - Julie Leung

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An epic adventure of daring, legend and legacy begins below the floorboards of Camelot.

Below the carpets and flagstones of Camelot lies a secret world much like Arthur's royal court. Lord Yvers Christopher leads the castle creatures with a steady paw, upholds a tenuous truce with the animals of the Darkling Woods and guards the world's greatest treasure: the Holy Grail. Unknown to the knights above, the mice of the round table strive to ensure the safety of all who live within the castle walls, human and otherwise. So when Yvers is assassinated, the whole of Camelot is at risk. His grandson Calib Christopher must follow in his pawsteps but does the young mouse have the strength and power to lead his people and unite with the Darklings against the evil that threatens them all?

A rich, fun fantastical new series from new talent Julie Leung.